Nazca Noodles Are Back

US Cre8audio & Pittsburgh Modular reintroduce popular patch cables as a 42 item brand      29/04/22

Nazca Noodles Are Back

Cre8audio and Pittsburgh Modular Synthesizers have announced the return of the popular Nazca Noodles cables now as a whole line of synthesizer patch cable products. Here's what they have to say about them

What the heck is a Nazca Noodle anyway?

Described by Cre8audio as "Bright and happy to monotonous monochrome," Nazca Noodles will be initially available as 3.5mm TS to 3.5mm TS "eurorack style" patch cables. They are available in six different colors and seven sizes per color. A total of forty-two cable SKUs are available at launch.

Nazca Noodles were previously sold by Pittsburgh Modular but were discontinued so that they completely revamp the line to dramatically expand the offerings.

Talking about Nazca Noodles, the Pittsburgh team said, "people like these Noodles because of their super slimline jack ends. They are great for tight patch points. Plus, their soft cable jackets make them floppier and easier to work with than your typical patch cable. Before we partnered with Cre8audio, people kept requesting them in multiple colors and sizes. We didn't really have the resources nor did we really want to manage a 42+ product cable line. But for some reason Cre8audio does.... They're pretty weird (and seem to really like these cables)"

Nazca Noodles Specifications and other info:
All current Nazca Noodles products feature the following:

  • 3.5mm TS to 3.5mm TS connectors
  • Specially designed slimline over-molding jack ends - perfect for squeezing into tight patch points
  • Super soft and floppy cable jacketing for patching pleasure
  • Initial colors available - Black, White, Very Violet, Hot Pink, Groovy Green, and Baby Blue,
  • All colors are available in the following sizes 15cm, 25cm, 50cm, 75cm, 100cm, 150cm, and 300cm
  • All come in packs of five cables per color, except 300cm which comes in packs of 2 cables


Pricing and Availability:

Nazca noodles are available now from and soon-to-be, and Cre8audio dealers worldwide. 

More information:


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