CLAP - Clever Audio Plugin

US A new plugin standard is here      27/04/22

CLAP (aka Clever Audio Plugin) is the new plugin standard for DAWs which provides many advancements over existing methods. It's available to experiment with now - the example code exports two very basic plugins, Volume/Pan and Tone Generator. Head over the ot GitHub page for more info on them. Reaper and u-He are first to support the platform - the latter stating that "we have decided to include the current state of CLAP in all future updates and installers". Here's an explanation of CLAP: 

CLAP is a platform-agnostic audio plugin interface that strives to be clear and flexible. It is a feature of CLAP that a valid plugin can implement a minimal subset of the API, as this example does. The only CLAP extensions supported by this example are the GUI, params, and timer extensions. CLAP supports many more extensions, like events, parameter automation, multiple audio ports, MIDI, etc. This is a bare-metal example of interacting directly with the API, not a framework.

CLAP does not specify or prefer any particular UI implementation. It's valid to use native Windows/Mac/X11/etc controls directly, or draw bitmaps to the screen, or use a full-featured GUI framework, or whatever works.


There's an official CLAP thread on KVR here:

More videos from Jürgen Moßgraber here:


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