Native M1 Mac Compatibility For Slate Digital

US Plugins are now officially M1 native compatible      26/04/22

Native M1 Mac Compatibility For Slate Digital

Slate Digital tells us that their plugins are now M1 compatible. This is what they have to say about it...

We know Mac users have been looking forward to native M1 compatibility, and for good reason: Apple changed the game by massively boosting efficiency and performance with its new line of processors. Producers are excited to put these chips to the test and run more effects & virtual instruments than ever.

As of today, Slate Digital plugins are natively M1 compatible. That includes your favorites like the Virtual Mix Rack, Virtual Tape Machines, MetaTune, MO-TT, and Murda Melodies, as well as our third-party plugins from Overloud, Kilohearts, and the ANA 2 Ultra Bundle.

And like all our updates, this update is FREE for everyone who uses our products--including All Access Pass members, perpetual license holders, and producers using our free tools like Fresh Air.

There is one exception to the list, and that's FG-X. As one of our oldest plugins, FG-X is unfortunately not able to make the jump into full M1 compatibility. We know a lot of producers love FG-X, and we are working diligently on new effects processors that will give you all the precision over your final mix that you've come to expect from FG-X.

You can still use FG-X on an M1 Mac by using Rosetta.

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