Vocoder For The Reason Rack

US Reason Studios releases the BV-X Multimode Vocoder      25/04/22

Reason Studios tells us that the BV-X Multimode Vocoder is now available for the Reason Rack.

A spokesperson said, "Across nearly all musical genres from EDM, to hip hop, to pop and beyond vocoders have brought synthesizers to life. BV-X is available in the Reason Studios shop as a Rack Extension and is also included automatically with a Reason+ subscription. BV-X Multimode Vocoder is a new Effect that makes the classic vocoding sound accessible. The built-in powerful synthesizer is custom-made for the vocoder and allows producers to get a great result with just a few simple steps. Enabling Auto Play means you don't have to play any MIDI notes--BV-X will track along with your voice."

Pricing and Availability:
BV-X Multimode Vocoder is available in the Reason Studios shop as a Rack Extension add-on for the Reason DAW and Reason Rack Plugin (VST, AU, AAX).

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