Free Music Scales Tool

US ToneGym's latest is designed to help musicians to better understand scales      14/04/22

Free Music Scales Tool

ToneGym has revealed their new Music Scales Tool that they say helps musicians to better understand scales, their DNAs, and how they are built. This is what they have to say about it...

The diatonic-harmony-chords section will help users to familiarise themselves with the sound of each scale and its diatonic harmonization, while the non-diatonic scales section will help them to explore less common scales.

The scale-finder section will enable users to find a musical scale by a given set of notes.

What are musical scales?
A music scale is a sequence of musical notes arranged according to a specific formula. This formula can begin on any of the 12 tones in the Western musical alphabet, to produce the scale that corresponds with that note.

Scales are the true building block of all melody and harmony. Learning scales is an invaluable tool in playing or writing music.
What are the uses of the 'Music Scales Tool'?

  • Get better at identifying scales by ear
  • Quickly identify any scale by its notes
  • Understand the relations between scales
  • Learn the theory behind musical scales
  • Understand the relations between scales
  • Listen to each diatonic mode's harmonization and chords
  • Songwriting shortcuts
  • Improve your musical vocabulary

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