The Mixing Engineer's Handbook Updated

US Bobby Owsinski releases the Fifth Edition of his book on mixing      13/04/22

The Mixing Engineer's Handbook Updated

Bobby Owsinski has released the Fifth Edition of The Mixing Engineer's Handbook, his book on mixing. Here's the press release that we have received about it...

There's a reason why The Mixing Engineer's Handbook by Bobby Owsinski has been the go-to text in university-level recording and media courses around the world for more than two decades. Simply put, no other book on the market describes the delicate art of mixing in such discrete, easily understandable proven steps, showing musicians, songwriters, artists, audio engineers, and producers exactly how to create great mixes.

Topping out at 300 pages packed with insider tips and tricks, the completely revised and updated Mixing Engineer's Handbook 5th Edition provides the latest techniques for creating pro-level mixes in a home DAW-based studio.

Along with the rich source of information from the previous versions, the latest edition also includes new sections on immersive audio, using LUFS for mixing, self-mastering techniques, and new and updated hit-mixer interviews. Best of all, the information is presented so that anyone can learn both the basic and advanced skills required to improve their mixes.

Brand new additions to the 5th edition include:

  • Three new mix build techniques for better balances and faster mixes
  • A new method for setting compressors to breathe with the pulse of the song for more punchy and powerful mixes
  • A look at the latest intelligent processor plugins designed to make some of the difficult tasks of mixing far easier
  • Editing techniques with playlists in mind to make your mixes more streaming-ready
  • A totally new chapter on immersive audio, including a primer for mixing in Dolby Atmos
  • Headphone mixing and room calibration technology tips, and much more


The updated Handbook also features interviews with 18 of the music industry's most successful and celebrated engineers from various music genres, who share their expertise, insights, and philosophies about mixing the hundreds of hits they've worked on. Not only that, 13 additional interviews with some of the legends of the industry are also available online.

The Mixing Engineer's Handbook, 5th Edition print edition is available for a limited time introductory price at Just click on the link to get your copy now.

Print and electronic versions will also be available on Amazon, Apple Books, Kobo and Kortext. Distribution to colleges and universities is through Ingram. A table of contents and book excerpts can be found at, and an Instructors Resource Kit featuring a syllabus, Powerpoint/Keynote presentations, discussion topics and quizzes for a 12 week semester is also available by request for qualified instructors.

About The Author
Bobby Owsinski is one of the best selling authors in the music recording industry with 25 books that are now staples in audio recording, music and music business programs in colleges around the world. These include the best selling "Mixing Engineer's Handbook," "The Recording Engineer's Handbook," "The Music Mixing Workbook," and "Social Media Promotion For Musicians." Many of his books have also been turned into video courses that can be found online at He continues to provide clinics, workshops and master classes at conferences and universities world-wide.

More in-depth information, book excerpts, and pictures can be found at, as well as links to Bobby' popular blogs and podcast.

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