Goldfrapp Rig Tour - With Hazel Mills

US Felt Mountain anniversary tour      11/04/22

Goldfrapp came to our home town, and as Nick has been involved with them since Felt Mountain, we  were given access to the stage pre-soundcheck. Nick spoke to Hazel Mills who is handling the keyboard duties in this Felt Mountain anniversary tour - the band ( keys, string quartet, drums, bass and guitar) are performing the full album as well as selected tunes from the rest of their releases.

Hazel has been featured here before, her recent work demoing the UDO Super 6 and the excellent cover of Ghosts during lock-down. 

We also spoke to Alf Cole, the playback and keyboard tech for the tour, who keeps the whole thing running smoothly.

The main rig runs on a pair of identical Macbooks running Mainstage (A and B system with Radial failover) MOTU audio and MIDI. Playback duties are using the JoeCo Blackbox (a pair with failover) and Roland SPD-XS pads and triggers.

For more information:
Follow Hazel on Twitter and Instagram: @hazelmills

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