Free Chromatic Tuner

US Nembrini Audio's freebie promises fast, accurate tuning in a single plugin or iOS app      05/04/22

Nembrini Audio has announce the launch of its Chromatic Tuner plugin for guitarists and bassists - free to download and use immediately. This is what they have to say about it...

The new compact Nembrini Audio Chromatic Tuner plugin is a fast, accurate, high quality tuner tool. It has a big, bright, full colour LED display which shows current detected frequency and note. The audio signal output can be muted for silent tuning.

The ultra-precise tuner gives ±0.01 cent accuracy with calibration to any pitch – A=440 as default. Drop and capo modes are available and the Nembrini Audio Chromatic Tuner plugin allows users to transpose notes up or down up to one full octave.

The Nembrini Audio Chromatic Tuner is available as a FREE DAW plugin or in the iOS version for iPhone and iPad for perfect tuning anytime and anywhere.

Pricing and Availability:


iOS version: Free

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