Soundtoys 5.3.7 Goes Native With M1 Support

US Free update for existing owners      29/03/22

Soundtoys 5.3.7 Goes Native With M1 Support

For many the Soundtoys plug-ins are must have, their time based effects and saturation and distortion, many producers swear by.

Today Soundtoys announced the release of their 5.3.7 suite update which brings all their plug-ins into native M1 support. Many people have reported everything is jut fine under the Rosetta2 framework, but being native will certainly make things official.

Unfortunately, Steinberg have dropped support for VST-2 plug-ins, and Soundtoys are working on bringing VST-3 updates to the range,  they say 

We are currently finalizing the VST 3 versions of our plug-ins and expect to have them available for public beta very soon

But in the mean-time you can still use Soundtoys on an M1 machine - you just need to run Cubase (12) in Rosetta mode.

But for now, go grab your free updates from


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