Waldorf Iridium Keyboard Model Released

US Matt Johnson of Jamiroquai takes a look      05/03/22

Waldorf have announced the keyboard version of their excellent Iridium synthesizer. It boasts an all-new 49-key FATAR TP/8SK semi-weighted keyboard with polyphonic aftertouch as well as an expanded front panel with one-knob-per-function control. It comes with six user-defined Macro buttons for additional performance control. In the video above, Matt Johnson takes a look at the new model, demoing it's features in style! Here's more info from Waldorf: 

The Iridium desktop synthesizer gets a new family member with Iridium Keyboard, being the first synth withFATAR's new semi-weighted polyphonic aftertouch keyboard TP/8SK.

Enormous sonic changes are possible when playing live thanks to the 49 semi-weighted sensitive keys with polyphonic aftertouch! The aftertouch is transmitted individually for each note played, so that the individual pressure of each finger affects the individual keys, creating individual data streams for modulation purposes.

The Iridium Keyboard comes with a total of 1,680 unique sounds, five synthesis models, and the impressive features of the Iridium. In addition, it includes new sounds and samples from names like Howard Scarr, Richard Devine, Kurt Ader, BT, Matt Johnson, Reinhold Heil, Jörg Hüttner, Mike Huckaby, Thorsten Quaeschning and Sascha Dikiciyan.

Here's the official Waldorf Sound demo:


Find the full details and specs on the Waldorf website: https://waldorfmusic.com/en/iridium-keyboard

Nick used the Iridium in a Friday fun jam late last year: 


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