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GB Four dynamic modules that run in parallel.      23/02/22

Available now on Plugin Alliance is Sculpt from ADPTR Audio - they're calling it the next generation in dynamics processing. It's made up fo four modules: an upwards compressor, a downwards compressor, a tone control, and a sculpt module. It's been added to their mix and master bundle, at no extra cost for existing subscribers. More info here:

The next generation in broadband dynamics. Take the best parts of metering plugins that ADPTR Audio are famous for and combine it with a complete set of tools for dynamic sculpting. This is the perfect plugin choice for anyone searching for studio-quality plugins for mixing and mastering that can do much more than compression plugins. This plugin has four types of compressors for upward compression, downward compression, transient processing, and tonal sculpting. It also features A/B matching, distortion free envelopes, as well as sidechain and emphasis EQ.


  • Transparently shape the dynamics, tone, and transients of individual tracks, busses, and masters.
  • Four dynamics modules that include an upwards compressor/expander, downwards compressor/expander, tonal balance module, and a transient processor.
  • A Tonal Balance Visualizer that accurately displays the tonal balance of incoming audio.
  • Each module comes with low and high-shelf filters and a Spectrum Tilt EQ.
  • Independently bypass each module's bands and scale the processing applied to fine-tune your sound.
  • An Envelope Detection Algorithm (EDA) that results in distortion-free processing, even when processing complex material.
  • Advanced Adaptive Auto Gain (AAAG) analyzes incoming audio and accurately applies makeup gain based on the way humans hear sound.
  • A Master Mixer Panel that provides a bypass control, wet/dry mix knob, and mid/side processing options.
  • An extensive library of presets that adapt to meet the needs of your material.


More info on the Plugin Alliance website:


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