Essential Guide To Music Funding

US Opportunities, schemes and grants to support UK artists      06/02/22

Essential Guide To Music Funding

Raising funds as a musicians has been made more understandable and achievable, thanks to the unsigned guide's Essential Guide To Music Funding. It's vital information for anyone who wants to develop their music and be supported along the way. Here are the details: 

Whether it's investment in developing your songwriting or sound, funds for heading out on tour, or finance to allow you to play overseas music showcases such as SXSW or Reeperbahn Festival, we've gathered together a wealth of vital information in one place for your easy reference.

Browse our FREE 36 page Essential Guide to Music Funding and find out about the various funding opportunities, schemes and grants that are available to support UK emerging bands and artists.

You'll find contributions from:

  • PRS Foundation
  • Help Musicians UK
  • BPI
  • Arts Council England
  • Creative Scotland
  • Arts Council of Northern Ireland
  • Youth Music
  • Musicians' Union
  • Take It Away


To get your hands on a copy of the Essential Guide to Music Funding, head over to their site where you'll find a link to drop them a line and request a copy:



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