Splice Institute Enrolment Extended

US Week-long program for performers & composers      30/01/22

Splice Institute Enrolment Extended

Splice Institute is a week-long, intensive summer program for performers, composers, and composer-performers interested in music that combines live performance and electronics. The window for applications has been extended for the event, which will take place in-person June 26–July 2, 2022 in Kalamazoo. It's now in it's 8th year and you have until the 1st of February to enroll. 

Here''s some more info: 

Each year, splice institute explores a specific theme. This year's theme will be interactive multimedia practices, with workshops focusing on multimedia, including video editing, processing, and live video manipulation.

Composition workshops will be offered at all experience levels, with workshops in beginning and advanced SuperCollider, Interactive Video, Improv with Electronics, Interactive Controllers, Open Music, and Orchidea (computer-assisted orchestration). A beginning Max workshop will introduce newcomers to this powerful application, while advanced Max workshops will explore topics including Jitter, gen~, synthesis, and more. 

Performance workshops for beginners will cover working with electronics in rehearsal and performance without the aid of a composer or sound engineer. Workshops focus on setting up equipment, learning about mixers and microphones, studying the musicality of electronics, and introductions to Max, Logic, and Supercollider. There are also advanced workshops that specifically include content for performers with significant previous experience, including those who have previously attended SPLICE Institute.

More information on the Splice website: https://splicemusic.org/institute/apply


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