Final Sale On All The Samples From Mars

US Last chance to get everything they've released for $39      23/01/22

Samples From Mars have established themselves as one of the most prominent sample labels with a vast collection of samples from synths, drum machines, acoustic instruments and found sounds. They're offering a final chance to get everything they've ever released for a knockdown price of $39 - with a whopping 56GB of content for your money. Here are some more details: 

At 66 sample packs and just over 56GB, the Everything Bundle is the biggest and best it's ever been. This download gives you every single product we've ever developed, at the time of download (but does not include future packs).

We've focused on capturing beautiful, vintage electronic gear - specifically, classic and rare drum machines and synthesizers. By carefully multi-sampling them through high end gear, and building instruments for Ableton, Kontakt, Logic and more, we hope to bring the unique charm and sound of these devices into a modern context, for people who can't afford the real thing and even for those who can.

The collection has grown quite a bit over the years. But if it seems overwhelming, we're also including the Essential WAV, which is a smaller, 1GB pack that contains only the most essential samples from almost every product.


Nice to get a smaller download for those on a streamlined machine.

The sale ends on Saturday, January 29th at 5:00 PM EST - head over to their site for more information:



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