New Monophonic Analog Semi-Modular Synth

AtomoSynth releases the KOE M6 Desktop edition      21/01/22

AtomoSynth has introduced the AtomoSynth KOE M6, a monophonic analog semi-modular synthesizer. This is what they have to say about it...

The KOE M6 features all the classic circuits like: One oscillator with sub oscillator, audio mixer, low frequency oscillator, high and low pass filter, ADSR envelope generator and also some special ones like a loopable slope generator, multimode random voltage modulator, a voltage mixer and with it's 32 point patchbay you can experiment and create not only classic warm analog sounds but a great variety of interesting and otherworldly soundscapes, Also it features a modulable delay effect capable of creating from spring-like reverbs all the way to super long decimated echoes to add the final touch to your sound, a true mini lab for sound design!

It has internal normalized basic connections so you can play it without any patch cable connected, It features an internal midi to CV converter so you can play it with a midi keyboard or connect to a computer or midi sequencer, and also with a CV/gate controller or you can forget about controllers and play it as a drone synth.

The KOE M6 desktop edition is fully compatible with your eurorack setup or it can be a great entry gate to the modular world. You can even take the module out from its enclosure and install it in another Eurorack case.


  • Voltage controlled oscillator with saw and pulse waveforms.
  • Pulse width modulation controllable by voltage.
  • Square wave Sub oscillator with -1 and -2 octaves selector.
  • Digital square wave oscillator DCO (controlled by midi only).
  • Low Frequency Oscillator with triangle and square waveforms and voltage controlled frequency.
  • Random voltage modulator with 6 modes (S&H, random, dust, random gate, pulse, midi cc out)
  • Classic AtomoSynth Low pass and High pass voltage controlled vactrol filter.
  • Slope generator with voltage controlled rise and fall times and loop/gate selector.
  • ADSR type envelope generator.
  • Flexible built in Delay effect with voltage controlled delay time.
  • Voltage mixer with gain and positive or negative offset control.
  • Patch bay with 17 inputs and 15 outputs.
  • Midi interface with CV pitch, gate and CC outputs.
  • Rugged sheet metal enclosure finished with micro textured electrostatic paint.
  • Dimensions: 364mm (W), 157mm (D), 81mm (H)
  • Uses 15V 2A center positive power supply (included).

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