Podcast: Sonic TALK 699 - Turn Down the Sun, Tahti Studio, Blue Monday

Browser tech, Wifi woes      20/01/22

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69:25 mins


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00:05:51 Jamie's New Masterclass
00:12:20 Mr Wiggly
00:12:44 Mylar Blue Monday study
00:26:43 IZotope Ad
00:28:48 Tahti Studio in the browser
00:41:07 U-he Metaphorium
00:42:18 Akai MPK MK3 update
00:45:35 Jamie's Pick: Heaps Of Bleeps
the Perils of Wifi Live
00:59:36 Chicky's Pick:
01:02:30 Nicks Pick: Bitfocus Companion

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