Genelec Hosts Online Sylvia Massy Masterclass

US Watch 'Live from the No-Kill Microphone Shelter' on Jan. 20      18/01/22

Genelec Hosts Online Sylvia Massy Masterclass

As part of the Genelec Masterclass Sessions series, Genelec's Paul Stewart will join Sylvia Massy and Chris Johnson as they demonstrate rare and vintage mics from Sylvia's growing personal collection. Here's Genelec's press release on the subject...

 Genelec is hosting a special Masterclass session, "Live from the No-Kill Microphone Shelter," on Thursday, January 20, at 1 p.m. EST livestreamed to Facebook, YouTube and LinkedIn. Access the session here. The conversation, moderated by Genelec Inc. Senior Technical Sales Manager Paul Stewart, will feature acclaimed producer/engineer Sylvia Massy alongside her associate Chris Johnson, demonstrating examples from Sylvia's growing collection of vintage and rare microphones. Paul will also be fielding live questions from attendees. Sylvia and Chris will be broadcasting live from their studio in Oregon, which also serves as the home base for Sylvia's collection, which they joking refer to as the "no-kill microphone shelter." Sylvia is one of the preeminent private collectors of microphones in the recording community. A large portion of her collection was acquired from the late microphone expert Bob Paquette, and recently she retained ownership of several dozen vintage microphones from the Ukraine.
Sylvia Massy is the unpredictable producer and engineer renowned for her work with Tool, System of a Down, Prince and Johnny Cash. She's received over 25 gold and platinum records including awards for her work with the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Sevendust and Tom Petty. She's also an accomplished fine artist, a published columnist, in-demand educator, and relentless entrepreneur. Her recent book, Recording Unhinged, dares record-makers to take chances and drastic steps in the studio.
Sylvia was first introduced to Genelec at L.A's Larrabee Sound, where she used Genelec 1038A monitors – recalling them as "the best main speakers I'd ever heard before." Years later, she still relies on Genelec, and owns a full Genelec immersive Atmos® 7.1.4 system, consisting of 8351B, 8341A, W371A, 7380 and 9301 models, at her personal mix room in Oregon.

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