A Complete Electronic Drum Set Solution

ddrum releases E-Flex      12/01/22

ddrum has released its E-Flex complete electronic drum set solution. They say that, designed for drummers looking for an affordable and quiet practice kit with a small footprint, the ddrum E-Flex drum set features great-feeling and responsive mesh heads, Double Bass Mode, and ddrum's popular black and red aesthetic. 

E-Flex's Double Bass Mode allows players to use the hi-hat controller as a second bass drum, which the company says is perfect for players looking to master their double-bass patterns on a budget. In addition, they tell us that the set has a dual zone snare pad for realistic performance, 12 preset drum kits for a wide array of sounds and an onboard electronic metronome.
3 – 6" Mesh Tom Pads
1 – 6" Dual Zone Snare Pad
1 – 9" Crash Cymbal with Choke Function
1 – 9" Ride Cymbal with Bell zone and Choke Function
1 – 9" Hi-Hat Pad
1 – Hi-Hat Controller
1 – Bass Drum Controller
1 – Throne
1 – Complete Rack
1 – Pair of Drumsticks

ddrum Product Manager, Mike Petrak, told us, "The idea behind the E-Flex kit was to produce an affordable electronic drum set not only for beginners, but for drummers looking for a solid practice solution as well. To do this, we needed to make sure we complemented the kit with enough features to cater to the most seasoned player. With the realistic sounds, great feel of mesh heads and Double Bass Mode, we feel we accomplished that."

Pricing and Availability:
The ddrum E-Flex drum set is available for $349.00 at authorized ddrum dealers.

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