New Synth Coming From Casio - Are You Ready?

US New tease released today for AiX Sound Source      11/01/22

I think we're OK to post this, ,even though we've signed an NDA, we actually haven't been told anything yet...

Casio posted this teaser video with just this short description:

We're announcing something incredible very soon. Are you ready? Find out more at

Clicking on the link only tells us its going to be on the 20th January. So soon. Its been a while since we've seen any new synthesis from Casio who as we know have a bit of history there. And there is definitely a vocoder featured in the soundtrack to the video.

We did try a bit of forensic photo retouching to see if we could reveal any more details, but they've made sure there's nothing to see - thats the best we could do..

Casio AiX tease

We'll let you know as soon as we know anything.... (as long as we're allowed)


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