New Incarnation Of The Fusebox Synthesizer

US Analogue Solutions releases Fusebox X      11/01/22

Analogue Solutions tells us that the newest incarnation of the Fusebox synthesizer (Fusebox X) is here and have posted a couple of teaser videos while they are getting the sound demos ready.  The company says that they have received many requests for a Fusebox v2 and are now proud to announce that the new version, now tri-phonic, is the best Fusebox yet.

Major Additions / Differences:

  • Tri-phonic mode (3-note poly)
  • More Jacks. Some rocker switches were replaced with jack sockets for more patchability
  • The Interval Generator and Patternator pots were replaced with precision type
  • 440Hz tuner tone
  • Interval Generator clock input - allows automatic transposition in a variety of ways
  • Bar1 / Note0 trigger outputs - versatile alternative ways to trigger the Patternator and Interval Generator
  • Arpeggiator replaced with mini step sequencer
  • Many internal performance tweaks


Pricing and Availability:
£1350. Available now in limited numbers.

More information:



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