TC Stereo Chorus Flanger Returns In Gold

US TC Electronic celebrates 45th Anniversary and releases SCF GOLD      23/12/21

TC Stereo Chorus Flanger Returns In Gold

The Stereo Chorus Flanger (SCF) was the first TC Electronic product ever and was originally launched in 1976. Now, the company is paying tribute to it by releasing SCF GOLD to celebrate their 45th Anniversary. This is what they have to say about it...

TC Electronic's founder, Kim Rishøj, was a musician as well as an engineer, and he found it immensely annoying that all of the guitar pedals available in the 70's were extremely noisy. Therefore, he set out to design his own that would meet his demands. The result was the now legendary SCF (Stereo Chorus Flanger) pedal. Highly regarded as one of the best modulation pedals ever made. Fast forward to 2021, TC Electronic decided it was about time to reissue this classic chorus, flanger and pitch modulation pedal in celebration of their 45th anniversary. Overall, the objective was to remain true to the original, but bring it up to date with some very small but crucial upgrades...

"In one way it was an easy task, as there was actually very little to improve," says Paul Robert Scott, Customer Solutions Guitar and Bass Leader. "But in reality, of course, it was also a challenge, as it was a fine balance between paying tribute and staying true, while upgrading specific aspects where new technologies made it possible to do so."

"For example, we implemented a new opamp in the preamp stage with even more headroom, improved low frequency response and a wider dynamic range. We also integrated a standard 9V DC power socket in place of the hardwired transformer in order to make it an easy fit on modern pedal boards. Finally we increased the size of the power/LFO LED to make it easier to see at a glance if the pedal is on or off. But in every other aspect, we stay true to the original – from the adjustable input gain to the fundamental Bucket Brigade Device circuit design, and of course it has the same amazing stereo spread and unreal signal to noise ratio that earned the SCF its nickname: The Sound of Silence."

Every unit is fully analog and hand calibrated ensuring the actual modulation effects that have enriched guitar sounds for 45 years, input gain setting, dual outputs and control layout remains identical to the original SCF.

In short, SCF GOLD pays respectful tribute to 'The Sound of Silence'.

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