Reason Gets A Bassline Generator

US New MIDI player effect out now      11/12/21

ReasonStudios have unveiled their new Bassline Generator for Reason - a MIDI player which is designed to quickly generate basslines for any instrument. It comes with 120+ patches, including Player patches, Combinators, and other device patches with ready-to-go bass sounds. Here's their description:

Bassline Generator does exactly what it says: generate basslines. However, the power of this Player lies in just how well it actually does that. Reason Studios analyzed hundreds of real-world basslines to reverse engineer how they work so well and how they can work for your next track -- so you don't have to. Dial in independent patterns for both on-beat notes and off-beat syncopations to create pounding basslines, funky basslines, laid-back basslines and everything in between.

Easily create pattern variation and dive into the note display to customize the generated basslines to your own exacting desire. If you've ever struggled to come up with a good bassline for your song, your struggle is over. Reach for Bassline Generator when you need low-end inspiration for anything from Techno to House to Neo Soul to Hip Hop, and anything else you could think of.

It's the perfect starting point for new tracks and a natural partner to the other Players in Reason for inspiring new ideas faster than ever. Features:

  • Create basslines by mixing, matching, and modulating built-in patterns
  • Edit and tweak the results in the note display
  • Randomize function for fresh, unexpected results
  • Trigger and transpose basslines from your MIDI keyboard
  • Eight pattern memories for variations
  • CV inputs and outputs connect to other devices in the Reason Rack
  • 120+ patches included

Get the full lowdown on their website:

Find out more about the Bassline Generator in this ReasonStudios live stream on 14th December:


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