The Birth Of Punjabi Garage

Ministry Of Sound Documentary explores the scene      08/12/21

We all know about UK Garage (otherwise known as UKG) but a new documentary from Ministry Of Sound seeks to show the birth of Punjabi Garage. It contains footage from the garages and studios of Bradford and Manchester, and the progression of DJ sets at weddings to headlining festivals. Here's their description:

This documentary was produced in tandem with Yung Singh and is the first documentary to explore the genre. Documentaries have covered Bhangra, the 80s Daytimers and the Asian Underground but the South Asian diaspora's involvement in the early 2000s Garage scene has never been covered and we are therefore proud to bring this to you!

For a taster of the genre from Yung Singh himself, here is a one hour mix of Punjabi Garage:


More from the Ministry Of Sound Youtube Channel:


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