Arturia Support For Apple M1 Processors

US V Collection 8.2 upgrade adds native support plus creative enhancements      26/11/21

Arturia has announced another free update to their keyboard anthology. They say that V Collection 8.2 is their most efficient and powerful suite yet, bringing improved compatibility, streamlined performance, and a number of creative enhancements. Here's some of the new features:

Apple M1 compatibility
V Collection's instruments can now run smoothly with native support for Apple's next-generation M1 processors, ensuring flawless performance on the latest macOS machines. Check out our FAQ for more info.

More microtuning
Clavinet V, Stage-73 V, Piano V, and DX7 V now feature microtuning thanks to compatibility with ODDSound's MTS-ESP, a versatile microtuning software utility designed with the help of Aphex Twin.

GUI & animation upgrade
We've upgraded the visual performance of all V Collection instruments using the JUCE 6 framework, meaning our 4K interfaces respond quickly and smoothly, no matter how hard you push them.

Preset loading
Presets from V Collection instrument's factory libraries now load up to 2 x faster, meaning quicker sound switching, easier project navigation, and a smoother creative flow.

Pricing and Availability:

Upgrade is free.

V Collection 8 is currently on offer at 299 Euros

More information:


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