New UDO Super 6 Features Demonstrated

US Watch Hazel Mills explore the latest firmware      25/11/21

UDO recently released the v0.27 firmware update for the Super 6, now the company has posted a video where Hazel Mills shows us around a couple of the new features.

A spokesperson told us, "The handy video helps to walk you through the newly implemented USB MIDI and MIDI CC capabilities of the Super 6. These updates are courtesy of the latest firmware update, expect more updates and videos from UDO & Hazel Mills in the near future."

Features included in the update:

- MIDI CC/NRPN Send & Receive from all controls
- Dramatic increase in resolution & precision of knob and fader controls with dynamic smoothing
- Fully variable Voltage Controlled Highpass Filter
- Pan spread control in 12-voice mode
- Added Decay Hold phase to envelope generators ENV1 and ENV2

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