Flame Sound Launches With Inferno SFX

Cinematic Sound Effects Library includes a free download of 50 Sounds      24/11/21

Flame Sound is the brainchild of Tomislav Zlatic, founder and owner of the Bedroom Producers Blog and 99Sounds. The new venture aims to provide an easy-to-use set of cinematic sound effects for content creators, filmmakers, video editors, animators, composers, game developers, YouTubers, etc. Here's the details in Flame Sound's own words...

As a video creator, it can be a struggle to find a fitting audio compliment to your work, without having to reach out to a sound designer to work with. Sample libraries are often above budget and out of reach for most independent creators. That's where the new library from Flame Sound comes in, which aims to provide the highest quality audio effects for content creators at a more achievable price and accessible to all.

The inspiration behind the Flame Sound project comes from a lifelong dedication to content creators. Tomislav founded Bedroom Producers Blog in 2009, and 99Sounds in 2014, to provide resources for creatives looking for quality audio software and sound effects at a price they could afford. Since their inception, BPB and 99Sounds have become go-to resources for this and are used by tens of thousands of producers every month.

The pack includes:

1) Accents
2) Booms
3) Braams
4) Emotions
5) Downshifters
6) Impacts
7) Tension Builders
8) Textures
9) Transitions

Pricing and Availability:
(Intro sale until the 31st of December):

Free Cinematic Sound Effects: $0, the free version of the pack with 25 sounds, 2 variations (50 total).
Inferno SFX Standard: $49 intro price ($69 regular price) - 200 sounds, 4 variations (800 total).
Inferno SFX Deluxe: $99 intro price ($129 regular price) - 425 sounds, 4 variations (1,700 total). Also, FREE updates with more sounds and expansions in the future.

All sounds are 24-bit WAV, 48 kHz & royalty free - Accessible to content creators for all digital production software without the need for sample clearance. Compatible with Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe After Effects, Final Cut, DaVinci Resolve, MAGIX Vegas, HitFilm Pro, and more.

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