Use IK's iLoud MTM In Atmos Systems

US New firmware for monitors brings enhanced performance for surround sound systems      19/11/21

Use IK's iLoud MTM In Atmos Systems

IK Multimedia has released firmware 1.2.0 for iLoud MTM studio monitors, which adds a selectable 80 Hz low-frequency cutoff for use in Atmos® and other immersive audio setups. They say that with this much-anticipated update, iLoud MTMs become the ideal reference monitors for all variety of surround sound systems. Here's more details direct from the company...

Immersive audio, anywhere
With the explosion of Atmos® and other immersive audio systems, studios of all sizes need to implement multichannel monitoring, from 5.1 to 7.1.4 and beyond. iLoud MTM offers powerful features that make it the ideal multichannel partner.

Readily adjusts to any positioning
iLoud MTM's built-in ARC self-calibration means it adjusts in seconds to any placement at the press of a button, including ceiling-mounting, correcting their output to ensure the most precise, balanced sound from every position, without struggling with placement and spacing.

Point-source sound at any distance
iLoud MTM is ideal for multichannel installations being linear phase and having a point-source emission that's very accurate at any distance. This minimizes the inaccuracies conventional speakers introduce in the imaging, which is critical for multichannel and immersive setups.

Reduced acoustic interaction
iLoud MTM's midwoofer-tweeter-midwoofer design boasts dramatically more controlled vertical dispersion than typical designs. This minimizes the speakers' interaction with room acoustics (and each other), making them ideal for rooms not custom-tuned for surround audio.

Lighter and smaller
Just as importantly, iLoud MTM monitors make setting up a multichannel rig easy. At 30 - 50% smaller and lighter than comparable studio monitors, users will find setup a breeze in any size room.

Pricing and Availability:

iLoud MTM: €349.99

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