Focusrite Hitmaker Expansion Returns

US New version of software bundle now features more tools for more interface users      19/11/21

Focusrite Hitmaker Expansion Returns

Just in from Focusrite is the news of the return of their Hitmaker Expansion pack. This is what they have to say...

Scarlett® has already helped make more records than any other range of interfaces in the world. Now, following on from Clarett®'s autumn 2020 offer, Hitmaker Expansion is back, featuring more tools for more interface users. Anyone can complete their recording studio with this new suite of plug-ins and software.

With software for every part of the writing, recording and production process – from inspiring new ideas to mastering and getting ready for release – Hitmaker Expansion is back and better than ever.

Get inspired and capture ideas with Softube® Marshall® Silver Jubilee 2555, Antares® Auto-Tune® Access, Brainworx® bx_oberhausen and XLN® Addictive Keys® and XLN® Addictive Drums® 2: Studio Rock Kit.

Mix and master with classic studio tools like Relab® LX480 Essentials, Focusrite® Red® 2 & 3 Plug-in Suite, Brainworx® bx_console Focusrite SC and bx_masterdesk.

Create studio quality vocals, powerful guitars, luscious keys and huge drums, then mix and master with iconic Focusrite studio hardware – all in the box with your Scarlett, Clarett or Red interface

The Hitmaker Expansion is available for all Scarlett® (3rd Gen), Clarett+®, Clarett USB® and Red® interfaces registered after October 1st 2021, and will be automatically added to qualifying Focusrite customer accounts for free.

Hitmaker Expansion now includes: -

- Antares® Auto-Tune® Access
- Relab® LX480 Essentials
- Softube® Marshall® Silver Jubilee 2555
- XLN® Addictive Keys®
- XLN® Addictive Drums® 2: Studio Rock Kit
- Brainworx® bx_oberhausen
- Brainworx® bx_console Focusrite SC
- Brainworx® bx_masterdesk
- Focusrite® Red® 2 & 3 Plug-in Suite

Pricing and Availability:

Available with every newly registered Focusrite interface

More information:


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