Studio One Updated To Version 5.4

Adding Apple Silicon support and multi format mixdown export      15/11/21

Presonus have updated their Studio One software to version 5.4 - adding numerous features detailed below and more listed on their website:

  1. Realtime Chord Display for the Chord Track. - Renders both the current and upcoming chords on the Chord Track during recording and playback.
  2. Multi-format Mixdown Exporting - Up to seven audio formats can now be exported in one pass, with no added rendering time.
  3. Plug-in Nap - Improves CPU performance for Windows® and macOS computers and reduces the risk of audio dropouts by not processing plug-ins when they are not passing audio
  4. Native Apple Silicon (M1) Chipset support - Studio One 5 Professional, Artist, and Prime now offer native support for Apple Silicon processor-based Macs®. The Universal Binary macOS® version is switchable between native Apple Silicon and Rosetta Intel®-emulation modes.

Get the full lowdown by logging into your account. More information on Studio One on their website:


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