Is This The World's Smallest Synth?

US Honey, I shrunk the sound module      02/11/21

Thinking of small synths, you tend to imagine Volcas, Pocket Operators.. maybe a Monotron? Well, those are massive in comparison to the synth Gabe Miller has just made a video about. He's got the FLASH synth, which is essentially a MIDI connection with a 3.5mm audio output, and that's it - even the USB adapter it comes with is bigger! It's a very small polyphonic microtonal FM and subtractive synthesizer which was 2 years in the making - coming from a combination between the mitxela and H-Pi Instruments.

Gabe goes over the icy tones, noting it's lack of bass but characteristic FM charm. It comes with a programming editor which enables you to assign CCs, load presets and edit the parameters. It's currently sold out but their site says: "Don't worry, we'll make more! To find out when, please subscribe to the announcements list."

Could a synth even be smaller than this? Maybe using a mini 3.5mm MIDI jack... or even some kind of nano-technology. More details on the synth is available here:


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