RØDE Connect Udated

US Version 1.3 podcasting and streaming software unlocks compatibility with the VideoMic NTG      27/10/21

RØDE Connect Udated

RØDE has released the next major update for its free RØDE Connect podcasting and streaming software. They tell us that version 1.3 unlocks compatibility with another RØDE product, the VideoMic NTG. A spokesperson said, "This is the first shotgun microphone that has been made compatible with the software, offering creators the perfect solution for livestreaming with an overhead mic. The VideoMic NTG is also ideal for use on a desktop stand or studio arm for both podcasting and streaming."

Here's the details direct from the company...

RØDE Connect is a powerful software solution for recording professional-quality podcasts and livestreams with ease­­. It allows up to four RØDE microphones to be connected to a single computer, with a fully featured digital mixer complete with level controls, solo and mute button, and one-click access to studio-quality audio processors. It also offers expansive features for both podcasters and streamers, including customisable sound pads and virtual channels for seamlessly connecting remote guests, integrating streaming applications, adding music beds and more.

The VideoMic NTG is a supremely versatile compact shotgun microphone that offers more features than any other product in its class. Not only is it an incredible on-camera microphone that is ideal for a wide variety of filmmaking applications, but it also has a USB output for plugging directly into computers. This unique capability allows the VideoMic NTG to be used as a fully featured USB microphone, complete with headphone output and level control. Now with this update unlocking compatibility with RØDE Connect, the VideoMic NTG is even more feature-packed and versatile.

This is the third RØDE product to be made compatible with RØDE Connect, joining the NT-USB Mini and Wireless GO II. This trio of microphones each offer an ideal solution for a wide variety of podcasting and streaming setups, from roundtable recording to casual couch podcasts to IRL livestreams.

The VideoMic NTG is perfect for use on a desktop stand or studio arm, with precisely tailored audio processing in RØDE Connect delivering professional results with ease. Being a broadcast-grade shotgun microphone, it also offers a unique solution for podcasters or streamers who want to place their microphone further away from their mouth, while still retaining presence and clarity.

To coincide with this update, RØDE has also released the WS-Chroma, a set of green and blue windshields for the VideoMic NTG. The coloured foam enables the microphone to be placed overhead for optimal sound quality then chroma keyed out of the shot – perfect for creators who utilise green/blue screens in their streams.

Pricing and Availability:
Version 1.3 of RØDE Connect is available to download for free from rode.com/rode-connect. The WS-Chroma is shipping worldwide now.

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