Matt Bellamy's Manson DL-OR Sells Out In A Day

US Newly reissued limited edition guitar goes back to the future      27/10/21

Matt Bellamy of Muse has just released, and sold out of his latest Mansun Guitar, the DL-OR - a remake of one of his most iconic guitars. There were 24 on sale yesterday, for just under £10,000 each and they've all been snapped up. At least we can enjoy the gorgeous flashback promo video with Matt inside a time-traveling DeLorean. Here's the info from the Mansun website:

Manson Guitar Works are proud to announce the release of one of its most iconic instruments in the company's history, the Manson DL-OR "Origin Re-issue". Inspired by Matthew Bellamy's fully aluminium clad guitar, designed and originally built by luthier Hugh Manson, Matthew Bellamy and guitar electronics genius Ron Joyce, a production run of just 24 DL-OR Limited Edition guitars will be available for sale. 

This production run version is the most closely replicated version of Bellamy's first Manson Guitars instrument. The original, which was used for MUSE's concert appearances from the launch of the Origin of Symmetry album onwards, was stripped and studied in detail at the Manson Guitar Works headquarters during the development and build programme of the DL-OR. The aim was to produce a modern DL as if Matt was ordering it today, but with a serious look to the guitars historic past. 


If you do happen to have a time travelling DeLoreon, you can simply travel back to yesterday and get one! More info on the Mansun website:



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