SoundFingers Releases Heritage Organ

Universal synthetic organ is not an emulation or a recreation of a past model      26/10/21

SoundFingers says that Heritage Organ is a brand new instrument and a unique tool for all your productions. A spokesperson told us. "It's made for modern productions and features a new way of designing your sound. For Reggae, Dub, Funk, Soul, Blues, Rock... All genres where you'll need a great organ sound."

Here's more details in the company's own words...

Heritage is what is transmitted by our predecessors, handled down from the past generations to the new. But Heritage is much more than preserving, displaying, or restoring a collection of all things. It's the range of contemporary activities, meanings, and behaviors that we draw from them.

Therefore, Heritage Organ is a modern approach inspired by the spirits of the Ancients but it's not another emulation or recreation of a past model. It is a complete synthetic organ, which intends to take the good from the old to cover a wide range of tones, from huge church organ to classic Tonewheels and transistors, to something that can be more... weird.

Its controls are kept to a minimum to let you spend more time playing it than tweaking it. But don't be fooled : you still can go deep and transform your sound to something you'd never get with another organ !

The key to Heritage Organ is a unique Tone Shifter engine. It uses only 3 controls to define the tone of the instrument. They respectively control the Bass, Treble and Odd section of the instrument and let you change the tone and complexity of each section.

As the Heritage Organ is a synthetic instrument, you can change the waveforms of the different sections. You can select the number of voices you want to fatten the sound, and detune the voices accordingly.

You have acces to a full FX rack, including a custom-designed rotary effect. The master section of the instrument lets you saturate the sound with the Drive control, select a Cab and adjust its level to give your tone a different color, and adjust the master volume of the organ.

Pricing and Availability:
On offer at 24€ /$27.95 / £20.30

More information:





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