Pro Audio In Education Webinar

US Focusrite hosts online pro audio education panel sessions this week      25/10/21

Pro Audio In Education Webinar

Focusrite has been expanding its arsenal of online resources for its user base and the wider industry, hosting a number of informative panels and discussions on pro audio education throughout 2021, posted on the company's event page. Here's their press release on the latest...

As students are studying to become working digital content creators, audio engineers, producers and musicians, they need to learn with professional tools. Staying on top of industry trends and curricula, the gear, and where to find funding, requires time and research. This new series gets perspective from the experts on the ground, shaping tomorrow's audio leaders.

 On October 27 and 28, the second episode in the Focusrite Group series of Pro Audio in Education webinars will host a panel of distinguished audio and education guests where they will discuss studio recording and production essentials for the next generation of audio professionals. The events will be taking place in both English and Spanish language on the Focusrite Pro YouTube page.

In English: Wednesday, October 27th at 3PM EDT / Noon PDT, hosted by John Escobar (Berklee College of Music) and joined by:

  • Stephanie Chiquini, head of audio for Hogarth International (Dolby, Amazon Prime Video)
  • Carlos Freitas, GRAMMY® Award-winning mastering engineer
  • Brian Smithers, Audio Production Program Director at Full Sail University
  • Dr. Chandler Bridges, Indiana University's associate professor of audio engineering and sound production

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In Spanish: Thursday, October 28th at 3PM EDT / Noon PDT, hosted by John Escobar (Berklee College of Music) and joined by:

  • Stephanie Chiquini, head of audio for Hogarth International (Dolby, Amazon Prime Video)
  • Carlos Freitas, GRAMMY Award-winning mastering engineer
  • Salvador Tercero, CEO of Sala de Audio, Mexico City
  • Omar Raez, professor and producer at Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú

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June saw the first episode in the series, "How Teaching Changed During the Pandemic," which brought together host John Escobar with Oscar-nominated sound editor Martin Hernandez, studio designer Horacio Malvicino, Taurin Barrera of the San Francisco Conservatory of Music and Ron Romano from Belmont University's Mike Curb College of Business. The webinar was also available in Spanish, and both webinars can be watched again here.
In April, a related session, "Funding & Planning a Career Tech EDU Program," brought together Focusrite's Lee Whitmore (VP Education, Americas) with thought leaders in Career and Technical Education (CTE) – experts from Lawndale and Poway, CA, Fort Hayes, OH, and Greenwich, CT, ranging from experienced educators to program heads and grant writers, sharing their perspective on what it takes to give students a creative and professional advantage.   

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