Bach Prelude in C Major on a Roland MC-202, SH-101, TR-606

Ducktronic and the Roland Data Cassette in action      24/10/21

Humorously named Youtuber Ducktronic has some excellent videos to explore on his channel. One of his most recent videos is up there with the best - demonstrating how to play Johann Sebastian Bach's 'Prelude in C Major' on a Roland MC-202. He uses a Roland Data Cassette to transfer the notes to the MC-202, and has an SH-101 and TR-606 along for the ride. Did anyone else know this was possible? 

Sunshine Jones clearly did, and shares an incredible selection of Roland cassettes for various synths here.

Ducktronic has shared his TR-606 pattern here and has made the Data Wavefile he sent to the MC-202 here. Amazing work! He's got an impressive playlist of TB-303 patterns to watch too:



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