Spitfire Audio Branches Out Into Drill Music

Trinz Colours PST is designed for creating drill, grime or hip hop tracks      21/10/21

Spitfire Audio Branches Out Into Drill Music

Spitfire Audio has released a new library that they say is the first release from a brand new creative division within Spitfire Audio - Quality Music Freak (QMF). They tell us that Trinz Colours PST offers fresh sounds, loops and textures from the heart of the UK drill scene. Here's the details direct from Spitfire Audio....

The first sample library of its kind to really lend itself to multiple genres, this self-contained toolkit offers instant inspiration through a wide range of tempo-mapped performance-based loops created from combinations of guitar, keys, synths, saxophone and more, split into stems across a colour-mapped keyboard, ready to make your own. On top of this, explore drum loops and kits, deep sub-basses, old-school wavey synth pads, melodic instruments and textures which can be manipulated and warped within the plug-in to create immersive atmospheres, enabling you to put your own personal spin on these sounds to facilitate your own vision.

Our first collaboration with QMF, Colours PST has roots in the UK drill scene -- curated by Trinz, a drill producer with a distinctive sound and an impressive list of production credits (Digga D, Plutonio, E1 (3X3)). While designed for beat makers and producers creating drill, grime or hip hop tracks, its bespoke range of in-built sound-sculpting controls and effects makes it equally useful for contemporary composers looking to add a whole spectrum of fresh new sounds and textures to their TV, film or game scores.

Key features:

  • Presented in Spitfire Audio's award-winning, dedicated plugin -- compatible with any DAW
  • 48 curated presets
  • 3 sections: Loops (20), Keys (20) and Drums (8)
  • 20 tempo-synced melodic loops and hooks, featuring a range of melodic instrumental performances, split by stems and colour-mapped across the keyboard
  • 20 Keys sounds, featuring a range of synth basses, leads and pads
  • 4 drum kits
  • 4 drum loops
  • 10 controls: Expression, Processed Signal, Reverb, Attack, Release, Chorus, Distortion, Flanger, Phaser, Portamento -- engineered to offer a wide range of detailed sound sculpting possibilities within a single patch, so it sounds like you
  • Processed signal -- right-hand slider takes you from the dry signal and fades in various pre-programmed effects, unique to each individual preset
  • 7 bespoke reverbs: Drum Studio, Plate, Church Far, Church Balcony, Kiln, Big Hall, Room
  • Velocity sensitive
  • 1.3GB

Pricing and Availability:
£29 / $29 / €29.

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