Artiphon Releases Orbacam

US Free companion iOS app expands the Orba instrument into a creative multimedia studio      21/10/21

Artiphon tells us that their new Orbacam expands the popular Orba instrument into a creative multimedia studio. They say that Orba players can link their phones and begin transforming their songs into augmented video creations. A spokesperson told us, "Orbacam lets players lay down multilayer loops and enhance their videos with musically reactive visual effects."

Here's the company's press release with more details...

Orbacam lets you create a musical selfie on the go, add a meditative tone to your morning coffee, or compose the orchestral score for sunset in real time. The results are colorful, highly-shareable musical videos that sync automatically with whatever you're playing on Orba.

Orbacam was inspired by Orba users themselves. As Artiphon's team saw thousands of social videos created by Orba players--from overjoyed kids to experienced influencers, producers, and musicians--they wondered what they could do to make the process even easier and more engaging. So, they developed Orbacam to expand the multimedia capabilities of the already beloved instrument.

With Orbacam, it's easy to jump between Drum, Bass, Chord, and Lead modes. The sounds and visual effects are baked right into the video export, no audio routing or post-production required. You can even mix in your phone's microphone to sing or rap over your beat, shoot video as you play live, or import videos and photos from your camera roll to add a soundtrack after the fact.

See Orbacam in action here, and download the app at The app will be free at launch for Orba users.

Learn more about how Orba and Orbacam work together in this 1-minute overview video
In addition to Orba and Orbacam, Artiphon's highly intuitive instruments include a recent collaboration with Snap on an AR lens called Scan Band. Artiphon imagines music-making as an activity that fits into everyone's lives, no matter their level of ambition or skill.

"We believe that music is always a multisensory experience, and we designed Orbacam as an auditory, visual, and tactile experience that anyone can play immediately," reflects Artiphon founder and CEO Mike Butera. "We've seen the power of synchronizing music with social content, but almost all of that is just pasting someone else's song on your video. Now people can create musical videos that are entirely their own."

About Artiphon
Founded in 2011 and based in Nashville, TN, Artiphon designs smart instruments for the next billion musicians by combining hardware, software, and shareable content that anyone can play. The company's electronics products, Orba and INSTRUMENT 1, are award-winning handheld smart instruments that let anyone create music wherever they go. Artiphon's founder/CEO Mike Butera holds a Ph.D. in Sound Studies, and Artiphon's investors include Warner Music Group, Shure Microphones, and other industry leaders.

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