Roland Announces TR-EDITOR Software

Free graphical Editor/Librarian for the TR-8S and TR-6S Rhythm Performers      20/10/21

Roland has introduced TR-EDITOR software. They say that the TR-EDITOR adds a graphical editor and librarian software for TR-8S and TR-6S users on Roland Cloud. This is what they have to say about it...

Enhance your workflow with TR-EDITOR, a fluid on-screen editor and librarian for the TR-8S and TR-6S that makes editing sounds even easier. You can build beats with the easy-to-use graphical interface including expanded visual controls and organizational tools. Using the various editor tabs, deftly organize and manage instruments, kits, effects, and patterns.

• Standalone graphical editor and librarian for the TR-8S and TR-6S
• Available for macOS and Windows
• Manage and edit instruments, kits, effects, and patterns
• Onscreen motion editing
• Undo and redo for quick revisions
• Rename patches, kits, and projects quickly from your computer keyboard
• FX tab for accessing all INST and MFX parameters

Pricing and Availability:
The TR-EDITOR download is available for free through Roland Cloud Manager, the software interface for Roland Cloud content.

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