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US Bob Moog Foundation and Moogseum announce membership programs      19/10/21

Support The Bob Moog Foundation

The Bob Moog Foundation and Moogseum have announced a new Membership Program for supporters to engage in the legacy of Bob Moog at a new level. They say that, with a combination of in-person and virtual benefits, memberships will allow music lovers from all over the world to support and get involved with the growth of the Foundation and Moogseum to continue the mission to innovate, inspire, and ignite creativity.

Michelle Moog-Koussa, Executive Director of the Bob Moog Foundation and the Moogseum, told us, "As the work of the Bob Moog Foundation and the Moogseum continues to expand, it is more important than ever to empower the organization financially so that we may strengthen and sustain our work. Our new memberships provide a compelling opportunity for our supporters worldwide to engage in special opportunities that reflect the very heart of our work, while helping us ensure our exciting path forward."

Membership packages are available for purchase. Here's the direct from the Bob Moog Foundation...

A wide range of Membership Program packages are available, offering benefits and perks including one-time or unlimited admission to the Moogseum for a year, guest passes, gift membership packages, access to virtual archival galleries and live streamed events, free or discounted admission to in-person and virtual events, and even private Moogseum tours. Membership packages are offered at price points from $25 - $500 per year.

All packages include the Members-only "Synth-Insider" quarterly newsletter, and a 10% discount on Bob Moog Foundation merchandise.  

One time or recurring donations are still welcome and appreciated.  

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