Nektar Introduces Impact LX Mini

US Ultra-portable MIDI controller with performance features and hands-on DAW & instrument control      18/10/21

Nektar Technology, Inc tells us that their new Impact LX Mini USB MIDI controller keyboard has everything needed to play, perform or produce on the move. A spokesperson said, "Two independent on-board arpeggiators, the unique 'Part 2' momentary feature and Nektar DAW Integration make LX Mini a powerful instrument for computer-based music setups with hardware-synth-style tactile control."

Here's more details direct from Nektar...

Impact LX Mini is the latest addition to Nektar's top-selling Impact LX range of USB MIDI controllers, packing an extensive set of MIDI control, performance and production options into a highly portable package. At the core is an expressive mini-keybed with 25 velocity-sensitive keys, a joystick for pitch bend & modulation as well as a sustain pedal footswitch socket. Impact LX Mini is universally compatible with any MIDI music software on Mac OS, Windows, iOS (requires optional Apple camera kit) or Linux (with a MIDI extension).

LX Mini has been designed for real-time performance, with a top panel that delivers quick and easy access: Mode buttons ensure that controlling arpeggiator parameters, plugin settings or internal MIDI assignments are always just one button press away. Dedicated buttons for octave shift, Part 2, a full-featured transport section, 8 hyper-sensitive LED drum pads and 8 pots plus a large volume knob make it fun to literally take control. Most controls, including the joystick's up/down axes, footswitch, pads, knobs and transport buttons are also MIDI-assignable for even more options.

Keys and pads each have their own arpeggio and note repeat engine, so two completely independent rhythmical figures can run at the same time: While one might be used to arpeggiate a bass sound, the second could trigger drum notes on a different MIDI channel altogether. The 8 knobs invite experimentation with real-time access to the Arp/Repeat parameters, such as Mode, Rate, Octave, Accent, or Swing. Switching between the two engines is equally instant.

Part 2 is a unique performance feature for momentary setup changes, extending the keyboard's reach way beyond its range of 25 notes. Pressing one of the dedicated Part 2 buttons, LX Mini can transpose the keyboard up or down, switch to another MIDI-channel or layer a second sound on top. As soon as the button is released, Impact LX Mini reverts back to its initial configuration.

Nektar DAW integration for most popular DAWs is included for instant tactile instrument plugin & DAW control, with Ableton Live and FL Studio being the latest additions. This enhances the workflow significantly by providing extended transport control, track & project navigation, open/close of DAW or plugin windows and more. In "Instrument" mode, the 8 knobs control up to 16 parameters per plugin in, delivering a hardware synth experience for both, internal and VST/AU plugins. In most supported DAWs, all assignments can be stored in maps for recall. Nektar DAW Integration turns Impact LX Mini into a powerful and intuitive control center allowing DAW users to record and perform without always having to reach for the mouse. If DAW integration is not present, "Instrument" mode can be used for a DAW's MIDI-learn functionality adding even more assignable controls.

LX Mini comes bundled with Bitwig 8-Track DAW software. This turns Impact LX Mini into a complete and very affordable entry-level solution. The also included 'Bitwig Essentials' content package, featuring hand-picked loops and samples as well as over  50 software instruments and effects, gets users going right away.

Pricing and Availability:
The new Impact LX Mini is available at resellers worldwide from November 2021.
$119.99 USD / €119.99 EUR / £99.99 GBP

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