How It Works: Dolby ATMOS With Yoad Nevo

We take a look at the new Multi-channel mix tech      18/10/21

NOTE: To hear the Binaural Mix : please use headphones.

Regular Sonic TALK panelist Yoad Nevo has had a certified Dolby ATMOS system installed in his London studio.
As an experienced surround mixer he is the perfect person to ask about what ATMOS is and what it does. Yoad shows us the tools and demonstrates the system.

More information on Dolby Atmos:

Born Stranger

Track 'Last Night On Earth' by Born Stranger Produced by Yoad Nevo, Raife Hacking and Anthony Tardif, Mixed By Yoad Nevo

00:00 Atmos Basics
03:10 Dolby Atmos Speaker System
05:35 Moving Objects
08:29 Mixing Down
11:05 Audio Example (Listen with Headphones)
12:25 Getting your head around it
14:35 Reverbs
19:50 Binaural/Spatial Audio
27:20 What do you Need?
30:45 End and Audio Example repeated



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