Handmade Leviathan Distortion

Dirt Monger Instruments limited run of 50 pedals      15/10/21

Almost everybody enjoys using distortion; whether it be on synths, guitars, drums or ...more distortion! I happened across this excellent sounding new Leviathan pedal by Dirt Monger Instruments, which is beautifully made and due for imminent release. It has 18 volts of headroom, a series/parallel blend, 12 frequency cut off settings, mid and bright EQ gyrators, 64 clipping combinations and a distortion bypass to run just the EQ section.

More info:

Series/Parallel Blend Control - The Series option allows the player to run their signal straight through the pedal while the added parallel blend feature allows players to dial in the exact amount of desired chainsaw tone using the LEVEL knob. The blend feature allows players to take today's modern tones and pair them evenly with the HM-2 tones of the past to create new tones which are a culmination of all the gear involved. 

EQ - Utilizing a quad opamp for the EQ section allows for 4 individual gyrator EQ bands, LOW, MID, HIGH and BRIGHT. The original HM-2 EQ has the MID and HIGH EQ gyrators connected, this updated version separates these bands to allow for adjustment of the MID independently of the HIGH section. The LOW EQ range has been adjusted to expand the range while the BRIGHT EQ gives added high range above the HIGH range in order to give darker amps a bit more snarl if needed. 

Frequency cut rotary - 12 position rotary switch adjusts the cutoff frequency by switching between cap values ranging from 470pf to 470n. The cutoff frequency ranges from bright snarling tones to chunky lows. In conjunction with the tone control and the clipping rotary this pedal has the ability to produce tones ranging from Swedish chainsaw to fuzz doom tones and lots of others in between.

18 Volt Headroom - A charge pump circuit has been added to double the standard 9 volt pedal power and increase the overall EQ headroom and performance of the integrated circuits which operate much better on higher voltage. No special power supply is required, a standard 9V pedal power supply will work with this stompbox. 

Clip Type - the Hard and Soft clipping rotary switches produces 64 different clipping combinations, most are inspired by well known pedals while a few are unique to themselves. The harmonic range of each clipping type can be accented by the attack rotary frequency cut off the clipping types expanding their unique sonic capabilities.

Clipping Types:

  • 0 - turns off the hard clipping 
  • IC - natural soft clipping from the integrated circuit 
  • SS - Silicon Symmetrical - used in the original HM-2 
  • SA - Silicon Asmmetrical - used in the Boss SD-1
  • BS - BAT46 Symmetrical
  • BA - BAT46 Asymmetrical 
  • LS - LED Symmetrical - used in the Turbo RAT
  • LA - LED Asymmetrical
  • MF - MOSFET - Used in the MT-10

Distortion Bypass Footswitch - Bypasses the distortion and clipping options so the pedal can be used strictly as an EQ if desired. Run your favourite dirty pedal in front of this to drive the EQ  or run it into your amp fx loop to use the gain of your amp to drive the EQ. 


It's going to be a limited run of 50 orders, starting on the 21st of October. Go to https://dirtmongerinstruments.com/ for more details




About the author [midierror]: midierror makes nifty Max For Live devices, innovative music hardware, award winning sample packs and hosts a podcast speaking to people in the music world.



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