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US Video series showcases artists' programming techniques      27/09/21

Sound Technology Ltd, exclusive UK distributor of Nord Keyboards, has announced the first videos in a new Nord Sound Creation Tutorial video series, featuring personal tutorials from artists including Richard Barbieri, David Tench, Robin Bigwood, Jake Edward-Woods and Sound Technology's own Rob Wallace. This is what they have to say about the videos...

Learn how to create specific sounds and discover creative programming techniques on the Nord Stage 3, Lead A1 and Wave 2 synthesizers from artists who use them.

Richard Barbieri (Japan, Porcupine Tree) showcases his unique approach to sound design on the Nord Lead A1 with tutorials covering evolving pads, ethnic style instruments as well as some classic 'Japan' style sounds.

David Tench (MD, The Voice UK) demonstrates how he creates a go-to piano sound on his Stage 3, shapes it with a resonant filter and then controls everything with a foot pedal. Ideal for 'felt piano' sounds, filtered intros or to use as 'a drop' in a song arrangement.

Jake Edwards-Wood (The Voice UK) is Dave Tench's right-hand man and creates many of the sounds heard on the program on his Stage 3. Here, he has provided in-depth tutorials showing how to construct some brilliant sounds that are useful to any MD, including a pad sound from a string sample, a lead sound from a brass sample and a great lo-fi synth sound.

Robin Bigwood (Art of Moog) delves under the hood of the Wave 2 and picks some of its unique features to demonstrate how versatile it can be, either in replicating classic synths or creating its own distinctive sounds.

Rob Wallace (Nord Product Specialist) provides the building blocks for creating a synth organ from scratch on a Wave 2 and utilises its hands-on functionality to provide real time control of the sound.

To view the Series check-out Sound Technology's YouTube channel where you'll also find over 200 Nord Speedy Tutorial videos showcasing how to quickly get to grips with all aspects of Nord Keyboards.







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