New Limited Edition Bowie Stylophone

US Commemorating Bowie's longstanding association with iconic instrument.      17/09/21

Dubreq have announced a new limited-edition David Bowie Stylophone model and souvenir brochure celebrating his career . The Stylophone famously featured on his breakthrough 1969 single "Space Oddity" and this new model is a collaboration between The David Bowie Archive and the British company that makes the instrument.

Together they have released a selection of pictures of the music legend using the Stylophone. Whilst legendary American record producer Tony Visconti, who worked closely with Bowie over many years, has gifted the team a Bowie photo from his private collection. 

The limited-edition Stylophone goes on sale from on 17th September for £29.95/€34.95/$39.95 and is accompanied by a commemorative booklet that explores Bowie's music.



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