Superbooth 21: Waldorf M - New Wavetable Synth

US A classic wavetable synth from some of the orginators      15/09/21

Waldorf were showing off their latest tabletop synth the Waldorf M. This is a classic Wavetable synth that gives you wavetables from the Waldorf Q and Microwave as well as new wavetables. As well as giving you this classic livery, the Waldorf M runs these wavetables through an analogue filter and analogue VCAs. Two LFOs as well as four envelopes give you a bunch of modulation to get busy with. 

In this video Claudio was on hand to give us a quick run down of the instrument and also a show us some of the presets that are available out of the box. 

More info at Waldorf

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