Genelec Launches Video Podcast Series

Tech Tuesday offers topical discussions related to monitoring and audio technology      14/09/21

Genelec Launches Video Podcast Series

As part of its ongoing mission to provide educational resources to the professional audio community, Genelec Inc. has launched a new video podcast series known as Tech Tuesdays. Every other Tuesday, Genelec Inc. Marketing Manager Will Eggleston and Senior Technical Sales Manager Paul Stewart will be hosting an in-depth discussion on topics relevant to the art and science of audio, including monitoring and technology that touches monitor development, as well as broader discussions about music production and beyond. These sessions will be streaming live on Genelec USA's Instagram page, and also archived there after the fact under the "IGTV" tab.  

A new session, happening live today, Tuesday, September 14, at 3:30pm EDT, is on the topic "Establishing the Basics of Networked Audio" and can be followed live by accessing the Genelec USA Instagram page (click the profile picture for "live" content); live engagement and Q&A is encouraged. Eventually, each session will be condensed and re-edited for other mediums and archived on the Genelec Inc. YouTube channel and elsewhere. Occasional special guest contributors, including notable names in record-making, will be announced prior to future sessions.
Paul Stewart told us, "Although we will be archiving these conversations after the fact, we invite those interested to engage with us as the conversation happens live on Instagram, as you are welcome to ask questions that we can address in real time."  

Will Eggleston added, "In these conversations, Paul often brings the perspective of the user needs and I tend to offer added technical insight, and together we try to make the information easy to understand for the viewer."  

Currently one conversation is already archived on Genelec USA's Instagram: the session from two weeks ago on the topic of "Choosing the Right Monitor." A handful of earlier sessions took place in a slightly alternative format on Twitter; these conversations are currently being adapted to the new format and will be re-posted soon – topics included an overview of Immersive audio, an approach to having multiple subwoofers in a monitor setup and the concept of directivity.

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