Softube Releases First Overstayer Plug-In

US British Class A plug-in, and Softube Extended Features also announced      07/09/21

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Softube is shaking up the digital audio workstation once again. The Rock and Roll Scientists from Sweden are proud to announce Overstayer M-A-S, British Class A plug-in, and Softube Extended Features.

Overstayer M-A-S

Handmade in Los Angeles, California, by artist Jeff Turzo, the M-A-S harmonic shaper from Overstayer Recording Equipment is the secret weapon of in-the-know mix engineers. It brings energy to tracks, glues buses, and enhances mixes and masters.

Softube Overstayer M-A-S offers the same high-fidelity saturation and peak-bending capabilities as the hardware with added features, simple interfaces, and newly minted functionality for the DAW. Comprised of four versions--M-A-S, M-A-S Extended, M-A-S for Amp Room, and M-A-S for Modular--Softube's officially licensed Overstayer plug-ins and modules add cult-status cachet to everything they touch.

 Overstayer M-A-S Features:

  • Four versions included: Overstayer M-A-S plug-in, M-A-S Extended plug-in, M-A-S for Amp Room, and M-A-S for Modular
  • A precise component model of a hidden gem harmonic shaper
  • Available for the first time in the DAW
  • High-fidelity saturation, tone sculpting, and peak bending
  • Officially licensed and created in collaboration with Overstayer and Jeff Turzo


British Class A plug-in

The famous British console sounds heard on the hit records of Queen, Nirvana, David Bowie, and the Red Hot Chili Peppers are now available in the digital audio workstation.

Softube expertly emulated some of the most sought-after, expensive console modules in existence for the new British Class A plug-in's Gate, Compressor, EQ, Filter, and Drive sections. The result is the authentic tone and character of the classic British consoles of the '60s and '70s, coupled with the superb sound quality synonymous with Softube.

With included modules for Softube platform ecosystems Amp Room, Console 1, and Modular, mix engineers can get British Class A's unmistakable body, depth, and silky top-end on individual tracks and busses virtually anywhere.

 British Class A plug-in features:

  • Four versions included: British Class A plug-in, British Class A for Amp Room, British Class A for Modular, and British Class A for Console 1
  • Available as a free update to British Class A for Console 1 owners
  • The color and character of the large-format British consoles of the '60s and '70s

Softube Extended Features

Preserving the legacy and character of the analog hardware it models is paramount to Softube's mission. So too is delivering technologically advanced gear that optimizes workflow in the digital audio workstation.

To bridge the divide between these mandates, Softube created Extended Features. Extended Features adds easy-access panels with workflow innovations like proper metering, headroom control, and level matching to over 60 of its most popular plug-ins.

Extended Features

  • Easily accessible panels that provide crucial workflow innovations
  • Supported by over 60 Softube plug-ins and counting
  • Available as a free update to current owners of supported plug-ins

Pricing and Availability:
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