Impact Soundworks Releases Hammer Klavier

Virtual instrument features an experimental piano with felt hammers replaced by metal hammers      03/09/21

Impact Soundworks describes Hammer Klavier, as a unique virtual instrument featuring an experimental piano that has had its felt hammers replaced with real metal hammers. They say that it's not quite like anything else out there - a spokesperson told us, "It has the dynamic responsiveness of a regular piano and more versatility than a standard prepared piano; it's a full instrument instead of a sound design toolbox. The physical instrument we sampled was created by Mattias Krantz, a YouTuber known for his wild musical inventions."

Here's more details in the company's own words...

What happens if you replace an upright piano's felt hammers with real metal-tipped hammers? Hammer Klavier is an avant-garde instrument with a new sound, the dynamic responsiveness of a regular piano, and much greater versatility than the typical prepared piano. Created in partnership with YouTuber and musical mad scientist Mattias Krantz.

The moment we heard Mattias Krantz's new piano experiment -- replacing every single hammer on an upright with real, metal hammers -- we knew we'd found something truly unique that could inspire musicians around the world. It's not quite like anything you've ever heard before. The sound is reminiscent of a particularly powerful and full-voiced harpsichord, with the dynamic responsiveness of a regular piano and the percussive nature of a hammered dulcimer.

While it's a fun conceptual experiment, we think you'll find it's also beautiful and a delight to play. Mattias worked with us to record his instrument in great depth; it has been carefully sampled to the fullest so that it's every bit as playable and realistic as a standard piano. We created it with the same love and care that makes our Pearl Concert Grand a staple choice for many composers.

Think of this not as a sound design toolbox but as a custom upright piano with a unique voice. While Mattias might have destroyed a piano to get this great sound, we think you'll agree it was worth it.


  • Two distinct stereo mic positions
  • Six dynamic layers
  • Highly adjustable touch & key response, including noise
  • 20 snapshots offering a wide range of traditional to extended tones

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