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US Oliver Patrice Weder's The Pool Project - instruments recorded in a reverberant pool house      20/08/21

Spitfire Audio has a new release - Oliver Patrice Weder's The Pool Project. Here's what they have to say about it...

Breathe new life into your compositions with this versatile toolkit of unique timbres, created by contemporary composer, Oliver Patrice Weder. For his second sample library, the expert sound curator has recorded a wide variety of instruments and techniques in the remarkable setting of a reverberant pool house -- surrounded and inspired by nature. Ranging from intimate chanting solo and trio vocals, breathy woodwind swells and circular breathing techniques, to personalised piano sounds, delicate percussion and shimmering organic and electronic loops, carefully sculpted to blend together perfectly, and presented in Spitfire Audio's award-winning dedicated plug-in with a range of bespoke controls, effects and reverbs. Adding a much sought-after human quality and fragility to your music, these transcendental textures are suited to intimate film scores and contemporary classical or ambient tracks alike.

Accompanying the library is the release of Weder's stunning sophomore album, out now on SA Recordings - born out of a similar sound palette and touching on global influences from jazz and ambient, to modern classical film composition.

Key features:

-- Available in Spitfire's award-winning, dedicated plug-in

-- 40 exclusive presets: Vocal Trio (6), Gentle Breeze (6), Solo Voice (7), Pianos (Double Felt & Taped), 'Toys' (5), Percussion (4), and Synth Loops (10)

-- Two stunning piano sounds created from a mellow 60s Petrof, treated with felt and tape

-- A range of specially curated in-built effects and controls, providing a wealth of complex sonic possibilities to drastically control and manipulate each of the presets -- Dynamics, Expression, Attack, Release, Reverb, Stretch (controlling the speed of the sample playback), Distort (taking the organic samples to a completely new place), Variation (to switch between different variations of the sound), as well as Key Release and Pedal controls on piano presets

-- 13 specially curated IR reverbs

-- The dynamics fader moves the signal from Close to Room for organic patches, and controls the arpeggiator speed in the synth patches

-- Each sound is velocity sensitive for varying tones

-- 1.8GB

Pricing and Availability:

£29 / $29 / 29€

More information:


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