Tranquil: New Algorithmic Reverb

US Windows-based plugin developed in India      18/08/21

Software developer Devashish Gupta has just released Tranquil, a unique and expansive reverb currently for Windows only. It's been meticulously crafted with an architecture that is adept in building gigantic  soundscapes and simulating small rooms with high fidelity. Here are some details:

Reverberation Engine

Tranquil has a meticulously-crafted Reverb Engine, designed to have accurate responses across the entire gamut of room sizes. It is now very easy to dial-in drum-ambiences or to create dreamy and lush soundscapes for your mixes.

Doppler Unit

Tranquil is equipped with a powerful Doppler Effect simulation unit, which can be used to create not only crystalline, glittery reverb tails but also anharmonic Zen sounds.

Submerge and Sheen

The Submerge knob does exactly what it says, it makes the reverb tails sound as if they're submerged in the depths of the ocean. It's more than just an EQ. The Sheen knob makes the reverb tails brighter and cleaner.

More information and a demo version is available here:


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